The following is what inspired me to draw portraits for "Essence":

Essence is about capturing the life that courses through our veins. Essence is what animates the otherwise empty vessel of the human body. It's a portrait of inner beauty, which oozes through to form a unique identity walking down the street. Alive. It's the churning of who we are inside; and it infuses how we portray ourselves to our peers, to society.

Human beings are all the same, and individually different -it's a matter of how close one looks. Does one look at us human beings as a culture, as a nation? Or does one look at one specific person? Human beings are complex, but some people have "an air about them", an essence. The drawn portraits of human stamina speak to viewers. Within their frames, hung up on a wall, they still challenge fellow human beings : "What about you, what're you made of?"